Community Health

Community Health

East Liverpool City Hospital and Salem Community Hospital came together for the good of the community. The data collected and represented in these reports provides an assessment of the health issues facing Columbiana County. It is our hope that the data will be used as a basis of collaboration between county health care agencies as it provides a comprehensive look at the health conditions that are affecting our county. The information is useful for health care providers, policy makers, collaborative groups, social service agencies, community groups and organizations, churches, businesses and consumers. Individual or groups of agencies can create plans based on the current data to prioritize responses, develop interventions and commit resources. The data itself presents a pictorial overview represented through dashboard dials that includes over 100 indicators from over 12 sources, which represent 20 health topics, overall health, and quality of life.

Click the links below to view the Columbiana County Health Needs Assessment (CCHNA)Report:

2016 Columbiana County Health Needs Assessment Report

2013 CCHNA Part 1: Executive Summary
2013 CCHNA Part 2: Background and Demographics
2013 CCHNA Part 3: Findings
2013 CCHNA Part 4: Appendix and Glossary

Implementation Plan

River Valley Health Partners East Liverpool City Hospital developed an Implementation Plan based upon the information gathered and analyzed in the 2013 Columbiana County Health Needs Assessment (CCHNA). The assessment identified regional health care conditions that will help organizations prioritize a coordinated response. The SCH Implementation Plan was approved by the Hospital's Board of Directors in November 2013, as a guide for implementing strategies over the next three years aimed at improving the health status of the residents within the Hospital's Service Area.

Click the link below to view the ELCH Implementation Plan:

Implementation Plan

3-year Community Needs Assessment Implementation Plan

Community Health Data & Resources

These links provide you with access health conditions and their prevalence, socioeconomic conditions and environmental information and additional data that has been collected to assist you with observing the current path to better health and wellness.

Click the link below to explore the Community Dashboard:

Community Dashboard

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