Surgical Services

Surgical Services

At ELCH, you will have access to the areas most experienced and qualified surgeons with sterling reputations. We have sought out these surgeons with your care and quality of life in mind. Stay close to home to have your surgical procedure, where we treat you like family.

Colon Surgery

Ear, Nose & Throat Surgery

General Surgery

(Gallbladder, hernia repair, appendectomy)

Hand Surgery

(Carpal tunnel, ganglion cysts)

Oral Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery

(Bones and joints)

Podiatric Surgery

(Foot and ankle)

GI Procedures

(Screening and therapeutic colonoscopies and upper endoscopies)

Thoracic Surgery

(Lung, including bronchoscopies)

Urological Surgery

(Urinary, kidney stones)

Gynecologic Surgery

(Female reproductive system)

Ophthalmic Surgery


Vascular Surgery

(Arteries and veins)

Chemotherapy Performed Right Here at Home

ELCH can perform your chemotherapy procedures right here at home. There is no need to travel to Cleveland or Pittsburgh, when you can have your treatments performed here locally.

Pain Management

Our team of specialized doctors provides patients with pain relief and pain avoidance. Whether you are experiencing chronic painful conditions such as back pains, a bulging disc in your back or whether you need physical therapy to improve your quality of life, ELCH has various methods to aid you. Furthermore, our anesthesiologists have experience in helping you transition to manageable pain levels after surgery. Our capability to perform pain blocks for the first 20 hours can help patients avoid the most painful moments of their recovery, resulting in a better overall patient experience.

Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Patient Navigator at RVHP

The care for broken bones and sports injuries touches many different departments within the health system. In order to improve the patient experience, we now have a patient navigator who acts as the support coordinator for all aspects of orthopedic and sports medicine patients' movement through the health care system. The navigator's role is to promote a smooth and timely continuity of care plan all the way through to recovery. The navigator will make initial contact with the patient at the time of diagnosis and continue through rehabilitation. To contact the navigator, call 330-383-2299.