Therapy & Rehabilitation

Therapy & Rehabilitation

At East Liverpool City Hospital, our therapy programs are an important part of your recovery and method to improving your quality of life.

Therapy is available on-site at ELCH, at The Therapy Center in Calcutta and in your home. The staff includes experienced therapists, therapy assistants and RNs to guide you to a better tomorrow.

Over 35 Therapists

The Therapy Center includes over 35 trained therapists with various backgrounds to help the people in our region heal and improve their quality of life.

YMCA Equipment & Pools

The Therapy Centers in Calcutta have partnered with the YMCA to improve the recovery of patients. People undergoing therapy can take advantage of using the equipment and swimming pools during their recovery.


Most therapies offered are performed at East Liverpool City Hospital, The Therapy Centers and in your home. In instances where your recovery has limited your ability to drive to therapy, we have made it possible for you to receive therapy at home.

Sports Medicine

The River Valley Health Partners Sports Medicine Program is focused on the care of local athletes. From the little league player to the weekend warrior, we can manage all of your sports medicine needs. Our team of skilled professionals include physicians, athletic trainers, and therapists that are focused on the prevention, management, and treatment of athletic injuries. Our goal is to be able to meet all of your needs as an athlete by keeping you safe, while helping your body reach its full potential.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) programs are available to help people of all ages independently perform everyday functions and work-related skills. Occupational therapists use fine motor exercises and mental activities to help people achieve greater self-sufficiency. OT is offered in the hospital, at the Therapy Centers and in your home.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is offered through the Therapy Center and East Liverpool City Hospital to area residents of all ages needing assistance with speech conditions, swallowing problems, and comprehension disorders associated with aspects of communication and language. Speech therapists can help people that are experiencing speech disorders, stroke, Autism, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, vocal cord damage, dementia and much more. Therapy can be provided at ELCH, The Therapy Centers, in your home and at several local area schools.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehab nurses create a program that is designed to return you to the same physical and functional capabilities that you had prior to your cardiac event. The program rehabilitates people that have experienced the following cardiac events:

  • Heart attacks
  • Coronary bypass surgery
  • Chest pain caused by blocked arteries
  • Heart valve replacement
  • Angioplasty or PTCA
  • Heart transplants or heart and lung transplants

You can expect an exercise and conditioning regimen to be part of your rehabilitation experience. In addition, nurses and dieticians will educate you about your body and nutrition as an aspect of your recovery.

Physical Therapy

River Valley Health Partners offers physical therapy (PT) programs for people of all ages recovering from injuries, diseases, disabilities and surgery that have caused a loss of mobility, muscle weakness, loss of coordination, limited endurance, loss of a body part, impeded body function, and pain in the muscles, nerves, joints and bones. Our skilled therapists are adept at evaluating your condition and creating a program that will provide you with long term health benefits. PT is offered at the hospital, at East Liverpool City Hospital, Therapy Centers at several local area schools and in your home.