Good Catch Program

The Good Catch Program

A Culture of Safety

Enhancing a culture of safety is a priority for East Liverpool City Hospital. In June 2019, we conducted a Patient Safety Culture Survey. The survey was designed to measure staff perceptions of patient safety culture and compliance with the Joint Commission Standards.

At this time, ELCH is pleased to announce a new program that will highlight opportunities for improvement in the delivery of patient care and place a positive connotation to reporting and investigating “near misses”. This program is titles the GOOD CATCH PROGRAM.


A “good catch” is the recognition of an event that could have been harmful to a patient, but was prevented– often referred to as a “near miss” or a “close call”.


Staff are encouraged to report all events, even anonymously. These events represent processes that are not reliable. Reporting these events is critical to strengthening our safety culture. This enables investigation and follow up so events can be prevented from happening in the first place, rather than reacting to mistakes that have been made.

How do you report a good catch?

The Good Catch program is a good way for ELCH to implement safer practices. We are committed to a no blame culture for all event reports submitted. Submission form can be found in the Human Resource Folder under FORMS. Once completed, please turn your form into the Human Resource Department. Monthly, the Workplace Safety Committee will review all forms submitted.

Good Catch Recognition Program

Every Good Catch reported will be shared with the given individual’s supervisor/manager and recognized with a token of appreciation. Every quarter, the Good Catch poster board will reflect the good catches. Quarterly, employees that have submitted Good Catches that result in changes and improvements to current practice will receive $100 and their picture posted on the Good Catch recognition board. Additionally, these individuals will be entered into a year end drawing for a $1,000 gift drawing.