Pharmacists are active members of the patient care team, responsible for overseeing the optimal, safe and cost effective medication therapy management using evidenced-based medicine to improve overall patient care in all patients:

· Pharmacists participate and maintain a significant role in multidisciplinary patient care teams

· Pharmacists are involved in all processes of care - including product selection, dosing, route selection, regimen review, ensuring safe medication administration, monitoring for desired therapeutic outcomes, identifying and avoiding medication errors and adverse drug events, etc.

· Pharmacists review all non-emergent medications orders prior to the first dose being administered to a patient

· Pharmacists include appropriate indications for each patient medication order during the order entry/transcription process to eliminate nursing and physician confusion regarding the use of the medication

· Pharmacists clarify all vague medication orders with the prescriber in an effort to facilitate safe and effective administration of patient medications

· A pharmacist can be consulted for in-patient education on Diabetes, including the safe use of oral and injectable medications, monitoring of blood glucose, and how to inject insulin

Outpatient Pharmacy Hours of Operation:

* Mon - Fri from 8a - 4:30p - Prescriptions filled
* Mon - Fri from 8a - 7p - Outpatient prescription prescription drop-off and pick-up
* Sat - Sun from 8a - 7p - Outpatient prescription drop-off and pick-up

Outpatient Pharmacy Phone Number: 330.386.3511